Located in the Parang Mountains, in the vicinity of Petrosani, Hunedoara County, Romania, the resort offers a very wide alpine plateau (100 km east-west, 70-80 km north-south direction). Parang Resort is about 1800 meters high and is one of the most appreciated resorts for winter sports enthusiasts. The ski and snowboard slopes are located in the heart of the Parâng Mountains, about 5 kilometers from Petrosani (100 km from Deva and 370 km from Bucharest). The slopes of Parâng are quite popular with mountain sports lovers thanks to the greater snow cover in this area. They were all designed on the northern slopes, preserving better the quality of the snow. Here you will find: Sub Telescaun Slope, Sub Telescaun 2 Slope, Saivane Slope, Euro Parang Slope, Poiana Slope, Slope B, Slima Slope, V Slope an Poiana Mare Slope, all belonging to Hunedoara County.

Created:26 November 2012

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