Bucura Lake is a glacier lake located in the Retezat National Park, in the Retezat Mountains. It is the largest glacier lake in Romania. It is located south of the main ridge, at the base of Peleaga Peak, and at an altitude of about 2,040 m. The surface of the lake is 8,90 ha, 550 m long and the average width is 160 m, and the perimeter about 1390 m. The maximum width is 225 m and the estimated volume is about 625,000 m³. The maximum water depth of the lake is 15.5 m, near the entrance of the Pelegii Spring in the lake. The lake is filled by 5 main springs. Lake water spills through a single emissary that sends it to Lake Lia, with a flow of about 250 l per second. The fishery population is indigenous, and the lake is not artificial. Access to the lake is made from the Haţeg - Caransebeş road, from km 61 (Cârneşti) through Clopotiva - Grebla - Gura Zlata - Gura Apei, about 35 km of paved road. From here it goes up the forest road that stops at Dracşanu, 14 km away. Then, passing through the Fetele Voilesei, following the valley of Lăpuşnicul Mare, to Gura Bucurii, and passing by Lake Lia, you reach Bucura.

Created:14 December 2017

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